I am a full-time, non-union, voice actress who started this blog as a means to detail my journey, for posterity as well as a personal memoir. It is my hope that you find this entertaining, inspiring, or at the very least, educational in the ways of the human psyche.

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Cari attributes her passion for voice over to her older sister, Christine, who showed Cari (at the age of 6) the world behind animation. Christine and Cari would play “name that voice” with the Saturday morning Cartoons and would argue over which talent was responsible for their favorite characters – recording (on VHS!) the ending credits so they could pause and either prove one of them right or learn a new name.

Growing up, Cari would often get into trouble for her overly-expressive voice but it wasn’t until college where she discovered her first voyage into voice over through the “Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic” volunteer program, where she recorded narration from college books for fellow students to use for their studies. Upon graduating the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre: Performing Arts, Cari immediately launched herself into the corporate workforce, leaving her passion and dreams aside. Luckily, fate would be on her side…

While working at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting as the Office Manager and Tour Guide, Cari sat in on the voice over class, run by Voice Talent and Coach Eileen Kimble. Through Eileen’s mentorship, Cari studied the techniques and honed her skills and in November 2013, she launched herself into the magical industry of Voice Over, gaining representation from TAG Talent Agency and Rona Burns’ Agency.

Cari then studied with David Rosenthal and Cristina Milizia with the Global Voice Acting Academy, who produced her current Animation, Commercial, and Narration Demos. Additional training includes: Bob Carter with the Neighborhood Studio, Gravy For The Brain, and membership with World-Voices Organization.

She now is an audiobook narrator for WeHear FM and Crackboom Books, as well as Independent (self-published) authors. Cari also has a passion-project podcast “Reading With Cari: Stories To Fall Asleep To” with over 40K downloads.

🎙️ Cari has voiced 🎙️

Audiobook Narrations, Commercials, Corporate Training videos, E-Learning Presentations, Explainer Videos, Internet Web Series, IVRs, Mobile App Games, Sizzle Reels, Video Games, and Whiteboard Animation videos.

Notable voice acting credits include: Persephone – Malware Monarch (Smite), Elizabeth and Kenra (Am I Alive?, Drama Podcast), Bubbleisha (Doll Commercial & Happy Places web series), and Jenny (Chef Sibling Island Restaurant).

Click Here For Video Demo Of These Characters

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